Boateng to the final: "As in the park earlier - only bigger"

With the words "I always wanted to play this game - now it's time" opened a good-humored Kevin-Prince Boateng the press conference this Wednesday. He, born in Berlin, may contest a cup final for the first time This final is "the icing on the cake" of a "good season", as explained. Because he also knows that the Eintracht still has "the opportunity" for Europe, despite the "disappointing" for us 8th place in the league.

"We want to get the pot to Frankfurt," he says with conviction, knowing that Bayern will make it anything but easy for them: "The Bayern will definitely get the double for Jupp Heynckes." In a final but there are always surprise winner. "Why should not it be the surprise that Frankfurt is taking the trophy this time?", He asks rhetorically and immediately sets the route: "We must not be afraid." That's easier said than done. With the anticipation, the nervousness increases. The 30-year-old says grinning, "We try to cover it up, that we're nervous." Nevertheless, it is completely understandable that just the young players will be excited. He tries to counteract this and put pressure on the youngster: "I tell them: Focus on how you used to play - in the park - here it's just a little bit bigger."Take a look at our premium soccer surebety tips.

Frankfurters ride their bikes to Berlin To be precise: 74,322 spectators will follow the spectacle on Saturday in the stadium. "The mood is - as we say here - brutal," believes Boateng. Because: Since Eintracht moved into the final, the city is in a state of emergency. "There is not a day when someone does not stop me on the street and wishes me good luck," he says. Some fans even want to travel to Berlin by bike, which is extraordinary, but it also increases the pressure. After all, one can not, as Boateng says, let people cycle around 540 kilometers and 29 hours into the capital and "lose the final at the end".

Nobody wants to deal with a possible defeat at Eintracht. On the contrary: it should be a party. Boateng's mood is clouded only by the failure of his brother Jerome. "This is very, very sad for the family," he says, "but all the better for harmony. Jerome is perhaps the best defender in the world." And just his brother, with whom he grew up in Berlin. “I am no longer the big city type” Logically, therefore, that the Frankfurt midfielder feels connected to the capital. "I'm there as often as I can," he reveals, "but because I'm a bit older, I'm also happy when I get out of the hustle and bustle." I'm no longer the big city type. " But for the finale on Saturday, Boateng certainly likes to take on all the hustle and bustle, as it is the game he always wanted to play.